Assemble Your Team – Sellers

Alright sellers, this one is for you! Selling is a big deal and can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever go through. You’ve got a lot of money on the line, are going to be looking for a new place to live in tandem with selling, and will have to deal with strangers traipsing around your home as you scramble to remove all evidence you and your 2 kids and 14 pets live there. I’ve put together a list of who you’ll need, when you’ll need them, & how you can find them.

  1. Realtor: arguably the most important person & the head coach of your team. Though I may be slightly biased, I stand by this. Your Realtor is going to work with you to price your home fairly & accurately for the market. They’re going to make recommendations on what work (if any) needs to be done before you list. They’re going to prep all your marketing materials and get professional photos done for you. They’re going to be the gate keeper for every realtor who has a buyer for the property. Essentially – they’re going to be your very best friend until you’re sold. I recommend looking for someone who knows the market thoroughly, who’s trustworthy, has the marketing down pat, and who does what they say they will do. Trust is probably the most important thing to look for, everything else will fall into place from there!
  2. Attorney: yes, you will need an attorney and you 100% should want one considering this is most likely the largest asset you own and should be handled with great care. I have attorneys that I recommend to my clients because I like to work with people I know. The other part of that is, if you trust me, you can trust my recommendations. I’ve thoroughly vetted anyone who I refer to my clients, and have had no trouble “firing” attorneys in the past for not doing their job. You want someone who is on top of everything, is an excellent communicator, and knows how to handle the sale side of the transaction.
  3. Lender & Inspector: you’ll only need these 2 teammates if you’re to be purchasing a property as you sell this one! Check out my other blog post, “Assemble Your Team – Buyer” for more details!
  4.  MISC: a lot of sellers need some help getting things put together before they list. Maybe it’s a landscaper to clean up your front yard, or a stager to help get your furniture making sense, or a cleaning company to do that deep clean you’ve been meaning to get to. Whatever you need, your Realtor should be your 1-stop-shop!


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