Why Now is the Time to Think “Real Estate”

It’s snowing outside, the hot coco is piping hot, and the decorations are all up. The last thing you’re probably thinking about is Real Estate…but here are some reasons why this time of year is my favorite to help broker real estate transactions for my sellers and buyers!

  1. Having family/friends over for the holidays is a very stark reminder of how small your home has gotten…how can you fit Aunt Gretchen’s 4 kids & now their spouses in a dining room fit only for 6?!
  2. If you’re a single family homeowner thinking of selling, December 2017 saw a 20.8% increase in homes going under contract over December 2016. In the same month, there were 13.4% more homes closed, with a 13.2% increase in average sale price! And if you’re a condo homeowner thinking of selling, December 2017 saw an 11.5% increase in average sale price! Source
  3. Low Inventory!
    1. As of October 2018, inventory of single family homes is DOWN 14.2%…meaning there isn’t a lot of competition out there and the average sale price is up by 1.8%. For condos, the average sale price is up a whopping 7.3%! Source
  4. Buyers in the winter are generally more serious buyers. Anyone willing to traipse through piles of snow to see houses is going to be more serious!
  5. Corporate relocation’s tend to peak in the fall/winter months as corporations reassess their needs!
  6. BONUSES! Bonus season is upon us, and investing that into a smart real estate transaction is such a great idea!

So many people assume that I slow down in the winter months, and they couldn’t be more wrong! Some of the best months I’ve had in my 7 years in the business have been during the winter months. It’s always a good time to buy, why not now?



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